Axle Stand

Model Axle stand A Axle stand B Axle stand C
Rated capacity per pc 7500kgs 7500kgs 7500kgs
Max. capacity 11250kgs 11250kgs 11250kgs
Working height 1345-1895mm 850-1350mm 400-550mm
Basal diameter 836mm 830mm 350mm
Weight per pc 50kgs 34.5kgs 12.6kgs

Cross Beam

Cross beam is a supporting auxiliary for MAXIMA Heavy Duty Column. It’s used for supporting and lifting the front & rear axles of vehicles.


Ramping platform ML4022PT

Ramping platform ML4022PT is a supporting auxiliary for MAXIMA Heavy Duty Column Lift ML4030/ML4030W. It can facilitate vehicles quick drive-on & drive-off, and thus enhancing working efficiency to a large extent.


Parameters(P/N) ML4022PT
Assorted column lifts ML4030/ML4030W
Rated lifting capacity 22tons
Height of sliding blocks 260mm
Inclination of drive-on ramp
Rail width(single side) 710mm
Length of parallel beam(drive-on ramp excluded) 8500mm
Space between rails 1180mm
Total length after installation onto column lift 11800mm
Total width after installation onto column lift 5230mm


Providing a fast, convenient and smooth parking space for vehicles to be repaired.

Parking of vehicle is firm and reliable, with parking block warding off in front.

During columns lifting up and down, the turnable parking block wards off the vehicle in good reliability at rear end.

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