Measurement System

1、Simple Mechanical Measurement System (Simple UMS)

2、Mechanical Measurement System (UMS)

3、Electronic Measurement System (EMS III)


MAXIMA-EMSIII is based on new generation technology both regarding hardware and sofeware. The efficient and easy to use measuring device, in combination with the m- arket`s best available online vehicle database (covering more than 5,000 models), g- ives you an affordable world class measuring system.


Quick and easy measuring of the vehicle.

Various height measuring rods meet all kinds of distortion and parts on the vehicle.

Patented self centring magnet attachment enables one person operation.

Continuous update of the datebase(approx. 300 new vehicles a year).

ONLINE vehicle data, no need for CD updates.

The measured value can be transmitted steadily to the computer by BLUETOOTH.

It`s versatility allows it to be used on all types of repair systems, e.g. benches, liftes and floor systems.

Documentation by printout.


Length difference ±0.5mm Height difference ≤±0.1mm
Measuring range 3-D Length range 900mm-2650mm
Height range 200mm-900mm Transmission method Bluetooth
Transmission distance 10m Bluetooth working frequency 2.4GHz-2.48GHz,ISM BAND
Working temperature -30℃-75℃ Storage temperature -40℃-85℃
Date updating method Download online Angle measuring range -9.99°-+9.99°
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