Wireless Lift


Battery & charger

Save time for plug-in/off;

Operate the lifts anytime & anywhere;

No tripping hazard to operators;

LCD screen display

Real-time lifting height;

Continuously monitored battery condition;

Mode type;

Multi languages option;

Troubleshooting for any trouble.


Automatic stop when highest point is reached;

Throttle valve & mechanical lock;

Automatic stop when either column has 50 mm height difference.

Advanced synchronization system

The set can rise up& down smoothly even if the load is unevenly loaded;

Upgradedantenna for better communication.

Each column has the operation & emergency buttons for easy access

Model List for Wireless Lift

Model FC55W FC75W FC85W
Number of columns 4,6,8,10,12,14,16
Lifting capacity per column 5.5 tons 7.5 tons 8.5 tons
Max. lifting height 1820mm
Time for lifting/lower 90s
Lifting system Hydraulic
Battery capacity 20 ups & downs (Full charge)
Output Voltage 24v DC
Input Voltage for charger 110V/220V AC
Column dimensions 2300mm(H)*1100mm(W)*1300mm(L)
Product specifications may change without notice.
  • Zigbee for Signal Transmission

  • LCD screen on all columns

  • Adjustable wheel supports accommodate wheel sizes from 380mm to 1156mm

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