There is only one electric-hydraulic pump to control the up&down of the platform, RSJ and pulling towers.

The equipment is highlighted by its rigid platform welded by milled steel tubes.

The parallel lifting platform has flexible working height from 300 mm to 1020 mm to meet the vehicle drive-on/off and the stature of the workers.

The pulling towers with patented round collar glide with ease around the entire equipment

The hydraulic system has large pulling capacity, long lifespan and low malfunction.

The patented Universal Clamp can anchor all kind of chassis rock-solid.

The platform can work well with all kinds of measuring systems.

ISO9001:2008 certified.



Platform length 6100mm 6500mm
Platform width 2236mm 2236mm
Platform height 380-1020mm 380-1020mm
Max. pulling power of the tower 10 T 10 T
Working range 360° 360°
Voltage 380v,3 phase/ 220v, 1 phase/220v, 3 phase 380v,3 phase/ 220v, 1 phase/220v, 3 phase
Electric pump power 1.5kw 1.5kw
Max. air pressure 0.8MPa 0.8MPa
Max. lifting capacity 3500kg 3500kg
Weight 3100kg 3500kg
Product specifications may change without notice
  • The best clamp in the world: the universal clamps, introduced from USA, are suitable for various vehicle model, easy on installation, high precision, good stability, easy to adjust.

  • The highest precision mechanical measuring system in the world: high precision bridge type mechanical measuring system introduced from USA, provides 3D coordinate measurement for the accident car.

  • Patent designed removable beam: increasing a removable beam on the operation platform can be increased working space and at the same time convenient for pulling tower have 360 degree rotate.

  • Flat plug type connector: more convenient, efficient, time saving and more humanized design.

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