Cabled Lift


Remote control handle with 5meters cable;

Adjustable wheel support for all kinds of wheels;

Double-safety guaranteed by both hydraulic flow control and m echanical locks;

SCM technology guarantees synchronization;

LCD screen shows the exact lifting height and fault warnings;

Movable column makes your work easy and comfortable;

2 years’ unlimited warranty;

CE and ALI certified.

More options

5.5-ton 7.5-ton 8.5-ton capacity per column available;

4-columns, 6- columns, 8-columns......max. 64 columns per set;

Remote control handle with 5m cable;

LCD screen shows the exact lifting height and fault diagnosis,etc.

Model List for Cabled Lift

Model ML4022 ML6033 ML4030 ML6045 ML8060 ML4034 ML6051
Number of columns 4 6 4 6 8 4 6
Capacity per column 5.5 tons 7.5 tons 8.5 tons
Total capacity 22 tons 33 tons 30 tons 45 tons 60 tons 34 tons 51 tons
Max. lifting height 1820mm
Time for lifting/lower 120s/100s
Lifting system Hydraulic
Power supply 220V 3 phase 50/60Hz; 380V/400V 3 phase 50/60Hz
Motor power 2.2Kw per column
Column dimensions 2300mm(H)*1100mm(W)*1300mm(L)
Product specifications may change without notice.
  • Remote control handle

  • LCD screen on main column

  • Adjustable wheel supports accommodate wheel sizes from 380mm to 1156mm

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Factory address:No.17 Guangzhou Road, YTETDZ, Yantai, 264006 China