MAXIMA Wireless Heavy Duty Column Lift


Battery & charger

Save time for plug-in/off;

Operate the lifts anytime & anywhere;

No tripping hazard to operators;

LCD screen display

Real-time lifting height;

Continuously monitored battery condition;

Mode type;

Multi languages option;

Troubleshooting for any trouble.


Automatic stop when highest point is reached;

Throttle valve & mechanical lock;

Automatic stop when either column has 50 mm height difference.

Advanced synchronization system

The set can rise up& down smoothly even if the load is unevenly loaded;

to each column.

Each column has the operation & emergency buttons for easy access

Model List for Cabled Lift

Model ML4022W ML4030W ML6045W ML4034W
Number of columns 4 4 6 4
Lifting capacity per column 5.5 tons 7.5 tons 8.5 tons
Total capacity 22 tons 30 tons 45 tons 34 tons
Max. lifting height 1820mm
Time for lifting/lower 120s/100s
Lifting system Hydraulic
Battery capacity 20 ups & downs (Full charge)
Output Voltage 24v DC
Input Voltage for charger 110V/220V AC
Column dimensions 2300mm(H)*1100mm(W)*1300mm(L)
Product specifications may change without notice.
  • Zigbee for Signal Transmission

  • LCD screen on all columns

  • Adjustable wheel supports accommodate wheel sizes from 380mm to 1156mm

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